20 Apr

I didn’t do it. I didn’t blog. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. I hope you are not. We’ll see if this time I keep posting or not. Probably not, don’t get your hopes high with me, ever.



28 Sep

I really meant to blog, I really did. I thought it would help me clear my mind and organize my ideas as I wasnted them, and I still think that, however, I am an awfully lazy person who dosen’t know what is good for her, so I didn’t. I am not promising I’ll keep posting this time, but I believe I can and I will, I believe in myself and that I am able to do what I want. I am a confident procrastinator.


Sir Munchies

3 Mar

Sir Munchies

This distinguished young man would like to extend you an invitation to join him for tea and bisquits at a time of your convenience.